Tal y Tara – San Francisco

I’ve always thought of August as the “unwanted” month.  It’s an awkward time of year…I’m no longer looking forward to July (my favorite month of the year), Christmas is a good half a year away, summer’s coming to an end, time to go back to school, etc. but this year, August 2011 was a tornado of disaster.  Don’t let me get started.  So it’s times like these when I wish I could get a ride over to Tal Y Tara Polo Shoppe in SF, and just lounge for an afternoon in one of their comfy sofa chairs, eating scones and motorloaf sandwiches while drinking peach flavored tea.  Oh, how I miss those days.

and here’s a close up of the motorloaf…

usually served with home made jam.  and yes, I have been known to devour the entire thing, including the fruit on the side.

I really wish i had a picture of the scones, they really are the best I’ve ever had, anywhere.



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