Fusion House – Fremont

I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to have an authentic Taiwanese food place nearby.  Food is the first thing I think about when anyone mentions Taiwan (of course I think of my grandparents too) and the thing I miss the most when I leave.  So much good food, oftentimes from the most unexpected places, just thinking about it makes me hungry.  Having lived in the East bay almost my entire life, finding good quality Taiwanese food is just plain difficult.  There have been one or two places here and there that attempt to recreate the magic, but they never come close.  As far as the East Bay goes, Fusion House is as good as it gets.

After Grand Harbor, I didn’t expect another Taiwanese restaurant to open nearby.  I first tried this place out with my whole family, (you can read my yelp review here) and I really liked it.  So came again 2 days ago with the boyfriend and snapped some pictures of the food 🙂

Here are my favorites:

beef chow mein

this is sooo good. one of the “must try” dishes.  thinly sliced pieces of beef with sweet soy paste with ripe green onion, wrapped in a crispy, chewy, wrap.

alright, time for bed.  I need to stop updating this at night…


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