Steak and Blood Orange Olive Oil…

Amphora Nueva is now officially one of my favorite stores ever.  Here’s why.

1.  Affordable, how can you beat that? Gourmet olive oil in every imaginable flavor at your fingertips, fresh, and $7 for a 100 ml bottle.

2.  the Bradleys.  the pair of young siblings who run this place are among the nicest people you will ever meet!  They are eager to show you the new concoctions they have or give you tips and ideas on how to use the different olive oils that you buy.

3.  you won’t be disappointed.  Let’s face it, with everything that I ever buy, there’s bound to be something, big or small that I don’t like.  I’m pleased to say… 10 bottles of olive oils and balsalmics later, i have yet to be disappointed.

Yupp, officially one of my favorite stores ever.  Hence, as a tribute, I’d like to share my successful experimentations with the different oils and balsamics that I get from Amphora Nueva.  The star tonight: Blood Orange Olive Oil.

Along the same lines as this blog was founded, the look and smell of the olive oil is the first indication of how good it really is, vibrant deep orange in color and right when you pop the cork open, you smell the blood orange flavor.  Originally bought this as a gift for my mom, as a pairing with an apricot balsamic, to mix with salads.  But… i love to experiment with food, and I’ll be honest, it doesn’t always turn out so well.  But once in a while, i’ll have moments of clarity and come up with something that is worth sharing.

and here it is! This is the tri-tip cut from costco, its extremely thin, though i would have preferred a thicker steak.

Used a garlic pepper, italian seasoning, soy sauce and blood orange olive oil marinate, as a special treat for my boyfriend, and let’s just say, we were both pleasantly surprised.  I’m a sucker for flavor, so when i eat steak i usually smother it in A1 sauce, but this marinate was so flavorful, that was not necessary 🙂  Stanley liked it too!  Overall such a great success, thank you Amphora Nueva, good olive oil makes all the difference in the world.


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