Garlic sourdough with tomatoes and blood orange vinagrette

It’s been awhile since I’ve “entertained” at my place.  I’m not particularly good at it, and its quite the effort making sure everyone’s entertained and there are no awkward moments, but there’s something great about being able to create something together with your friends, sometimes short, other times long, but always fleeting, and a memory nonetheless.  So last Friday, my bests from high school got together just like the good ol’ days at my house for dinner and games.

The star tonight: grilled sourdough with a hint of garlic, with fresh cut tomatoes marinated a blood orange and apricot vinaigrette.  I remember seeing a similar recipe on “Everyday Italian” some time ago, and used some of those techniques, as well as Amphora Nueva’s white apricot balsamic + blood orange olive oil.  The trick is, after you grill the bread, take a clove of garlic and rub it over the bread.  Voila!  Garlic essence is present, though not overpowering.  As for the tomatoes, vinaigrette, salt, pepper, italian seasoning is all you need to complete the mix.

and that’s it!  enjoy 🙂


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