Magpie – Sacramento, CA


Gotta say, Magpie was not what I expected when I researched it on Yelp.  The place was so cute!  The restaurant reminded me of an old school brick building on the outside, and an upscale artsy loft on the inside.

I love mushrooms.  They have a chewy texture, and absorb the flavor of anything you cook them in!   I once had a king oyster mushroom that was cooked and marinated in abalone stew, and it tasted just like abalone, even the texture was the same!  A glorious fungi those mushrooms.

Magpie’s mushroom panini did not disappoint.  The mushroom tasted meaty and tender with freshly prepared arugula and the white bean spread was a nice touch.  The green salad was a pleasant surprise!  Not your typical salad, just see above! Seasoned with light vinaigrette and topped with pumpkin seeds, the whole salad was crunchy and refreshing.

It’s too bad Sacramento is so far away or I’d be stopping here every couple of weeks if I could.


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January 9, 2012 · 4:33 am

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